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The Basic Tax Course

Dec 31 2014 through Dec 31 2015

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now requires all paid tax preparers, exclusive of attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents, to obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) before preparing tax returns. Effective April 17, 2013, new paid tax preparers will need to pass an IRS competency exam before applying for their PTIN numbers. Those paid tax preparers who already have their PTIN will have only until 2013 to take and pass the IRS competency exam to keep their PTIN in good standing.

This comprehensive 72 hour online program is an on-demand, self-paced course that covers the basics needed to satisfactorily file Federal tax forms for paid clients. The Basic Tax Course has a proven track record (over 10 years) of helping students pass the government administered tax preparer exams. It adheres to the highest educational standards by delivering quality content, providing interactive student support, monitoring student adherance to completing all course assignments, and ensuring certificates of completion are awarded only to the students who successfully complete all course assignments and tests.

Course content includes:

  • Filing requirements, extensions, the standard deduction
  • Filing status, decedents, personal exemptions & dependents
  • Wages & other earnings, taxable refunds, alimony, unemployment
  • Interest & dividends, 1099-B income, K-1 income, social security
  • Retirement plans, pensions, annuities
  • Adjustments to income
  • Itemized deductions
  • Federal tax credits
  • Other taxes, estimated taxes, amended returns
  • Basis of assets
  • Depreciation and amortization
  • Sales and other dispositions of property
  • Selling your home, installment sale income
  • Rental income, Schedule E and Form 4835
  • Small business & farm income, SE taxes, business credits
  • IRS ethics

Our instructors are ready to put their years of experience to work for you in an engaging and interactive learning environment. Our course materials are built on scenarios taken from real world tax returns. Quizzes included with every session ensure students develop the testing skills needed to pass IRS and state competency exams. Graduates of our courses enter the real world of professional tax preparation with the knowledge needed for success in a competitive industry.

The interactive structure of our self-paced online course format combines the best elements of a live class with the convenience of allowing students to work at their own pace. Students have access to video presentations, detailed student manuals as well as online course manuals, tests and test answer keys online.

Fee: $500
Time: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 1:00 AM to 11:45 PM
Hours: 72
Contact: Craig Jbara
(269) 353-1263

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